Emory Tate wows in NORCAL simul

Emory Tate Delivers a Legendary Performance at the Fremont Summer Chess Camp

International Master Emory Tate stunned the Bay Area’s best young chess players by achieving a perfect score in a massive simultaneous chess exhibition at the Torres Chess and Music Academy’s Fremont Summer Chess Camp.

IM Emory Tate played the black pieces most games. Photo by Chris Torres.

For all those unaware of what a great chess player International Master Emory Tate truly is, the Torres Chess and Music Academy recommends playing through his recent win over Grandmaster Maurice Ashley in just 22 moves! For the children who participated in his simultaneous exhibition chess event on July 10th, Emory has achieved a legendary status.

For the children who participated in his simultaneous exhibition chess event on July 10th, Emory Tate has achieved a legendary status.

Nearly 50 opponents, many of whom are some of the top ranked young chess players in the United States, took on the famed International Chess Master simultaneously. Emory Tate, who only had the white pieces in a few of the games, played for 5 hours and a walked nearly 2 miles while completing his simultaneous chess exhibition! During the course of this momentous task, Emory Tate emerged victorious on every single board.

“In sixteen years of running events like these, I have never witnessed this level of chess mastery in one of our simuls. Beyond making it look easy, Emory managed to make every child feel important.”

-Chris Torres

The gentleman behind organizing this event was the very famous chess instructor Chris Torres. Mr. Torres is the founder of the Torres Chess and Music Academy which is very popular with the top scholastic chess players in Northern California. Every child who took part in the main event received one-on-one instruction following their game, an autograph from Emory Tate, a souvenir photograph of Emory at their board and the opportunity to learn from one of the strongest chess masters in the United States.

The Fremont Summer Chess Camp has two more weeks of classes and special events including a lecture from famed chess author Eric Schiller and a visit from Grandmaster Susan Polgar. For more information please visit https://www.ChessAndMusic.com.

~Chris Torres

Press Release: https://www.prweb.com/releases/2014/07/prweb12014019.htm


  1. I love to hear any news about Emory; one of the greatest attacking players I have had the pleasure of knowing!

  2. Emory Tate reminds me of a dear friend (as a kid) who I gave my utmost respect. While I respected our friendship the term genius was never used or assumed because I was not smart enough to know it. I think Emory fit that mold of genius!


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