Month: February 2014

  • Chess through the eyes of Black History

    QUEEN NEFERTARI (Egypt) Each year in America, the Black community commemorates the accomplishments of many pioneers who overcame political exclusion, racial discrimination and socioeconomic hardships. In general the many historic figures are given each year during “Black History Month” and their accomplishments are reflected. The Chess Drum will take this…

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  • Africa

    Ilyumzhinov in Togo and Cameroon

    Two candidates for FIDE President have been criss-crossing the continent of Africa vying for critical votes in a continent that is often fractured and does not always vote as a bloc. Seems like a common ritual every four years when the election campaign heats up. The current FIDE President Kirsan…

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  • Malawi and Tanzania Chess in Action!

    Shortly after the Chess Federation of Malawi (CHESSAM) had announced an invitation to Tanzania for a test match, FIDE announced a K4.6m grant (US$10,000) for setting up a secretariat for the Chess-in-Schools. FIDE Vice President Lewis Ncube announced the grant to the officials of CHESSAM. Kezzie Msukwa was on hand…

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  • Drum Majors

    Ashley: Why should Chess exist at all?

    GM Maurice Ashley sent this in the Millionaire Chess newsletter on February 20th to address responses that were part of a lively Facebook post on February 16th. The thread has generated more than 200 comments concerning the Millionaire Chess Open to take place this October. Several players chimed in including…

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  • Douglass’ Chess rises in Memphis!

    Memphis Commercial Appeal ran a story that is becoming more common these days… girls succeeding in chess. The subject of the story is Frederick Douglass, a K8 school in Memphis, Tennessee. Ironically, the name of the prominent abolitionist and one of the most notable figures in Black History resides in…

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  • Zambia’s touts 2014 Olympiad Squad

    Andrew Kayonde Zambia stands as one of the African countries with an abundance of talent. In the 2010 Olympiad, the 121st-ranked team came in 47th! This was the federation’s brightest moment on the Olympiad stage and there was hope that this served as a breakthrough. However, the absence of GM…

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  • West African feds support Kasparov2014

    Garry Kasparov next to the plaque commemorating his visit in Dakar, Senegal. Photo by Former World Champion Garry Kasparov has been busy with his campaign for FIDE President having recently finished an Asian tour and an African tour. The Asian tour occurred during the World Chess Championship in November…

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  • New in Chess (2014/1)

    New in Chess rolls out the first issue of the year and there has been an immediate change. No… not a new look. Still excellent content and coverage, but unlike last year when the first issue featured Carlsen, there is a different player featured. Carlsen clearly dominated last year winning…

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  • Guyana

    Guyana Chess elects new Cabinet!

    February 14, 2014 | By KNews | Filed Under Sports Guyana’s lone national arbiter Irshad Mohamed was voted in as the new President of the Guyana Chess Federation (GCF) on Sunday last when the local governing body held their elections of office bearers. New President of the Guyana Chess Federation…

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  • FIDE Women’s Commission busy in Africa

    There are many debates circulating in the chess world about its direction and that will be the emphasis in the coming months as the FIDE Presidential election picks up steam. One of the important questions that always seems to get attention is the plight of women in chess. While the…

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