Month: December 2013

  • ‘Life of a King’… new chess film

    Cuba Gooding is one of Hollywood’s finest actors. If you were watching carefully, you may have even seen him in Eddie Murphy’s barbershop in “Coming to America”. Later on, he played a number of memorable roles from Tre Styles in “Boyz in the Hood,” to Chief Carl Brashear in “Men…

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  • Chess Drama at 2013 World Youth

    The World Youth Team Championship was held in Al Ain, UAE typically the center of chess tournaments in the Middle East. While it broke records for the largest amount of players (1773), there were a number of issues that dampened an otherwise festive event. There were complaints about the food…

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  • 2013 North American Open (Las Vegas)

    While GM Giorgi Kacheishvili’s win of the 2013 North American Open is not much of a surprise, what was more surprising is the players who showed up. More on that later. GM Giorgi KacheishviliPhoto by Cathy Rogers. Kacheishvili tied with seven other players, but won on superior tiebreaks to take…

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  • Lennox Lewis back at Chess!

    An innovative radio program is taking a look at broadcasting chess over the radio. No… it’s not going to require any blindfold skills, but BBC Radio is experimenting with a series of interviews of personalities in their “Across the Board” series. Dominic Lawson, chess aficionado will interview the personalities during…

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  • Africa

    GM N’Cho Joel Atse: Draughts Champion

    GM N’Cho Joel Atse of Ivory Coast won the 100 draughts blitz championship and later received his gold medal, the first for Africa in the 2013 World Mind Games. Draughts is probably a board sport that does not get much recognition for being a high-level game. However there is intricate…

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  • New in Chess (2013/8)

    It is easy to know what the cover story of latest issue of New in Chess is about… Magnus Carlsen, of course! A month after winning the World Championship, Carlsen graces the cover for the second consecutive issue (which was mentioned in the letters to editor). He has made 4/8…

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  • Drum Majors

    Early Reactions to $1,000,000 Chess

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  • Asia

    2013 World Mind Games (Beijing, China)

    All roads led to the 2013 World Minds Sports Games in Beijing, China on December 12th-18th. This unique tournament featured five sports including bridge, go, draughts, xiangqi (Chinese chess) and international chess. Top players in each of these mind sports competed in various formats. Chess unfurled a unique chess variant…

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  • Russian chess attempts to reclaim glory

    Coming off of a “must-win” in the World Team Championships there has been an aggressive effort to reclaim the glorious past of the “Russian School of Chess”. However, has that era passed for good or is Russian ripe for a resurgence? In the win during the World Team, there was…

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  • Lebron James, the Chess Player?

    In an article published a couple weeks ago on, a comparison was made about Lebron James being a chess Grandmaster on the court. Any knowledgeable sports fan will be able to see the connection instantly as basketball strategy is predicated on mismatches, angles and exploiting weaknesses when timing is…

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