Orrin Hudson in India @FWCM2013

‘Be Someone’ Founder Attending 2013 World Chess Championship
USA’s Orrin “Checkmate” Hudson in the Business of
Saving Lives with His Chess Board

Orrin “Checkmate” Hudson, long known in the United States for his ability to change young lives through the lessons taught on a chess board, is once again telling his story on an international stage. Hudson is now attending the 2013 World Chess Championship being conducted in Chennai, India.

Orrin Hudson with world’s top-rated player, Magnus Carlsen of Norway during the World Chess Championship in Chennai, India. Photo courtesy of BeSomeone, Inc.

Hudson explains this latest effort is part of his plan “to take my dream of helping one million students learn how to play chess and think strategically about their future and solve problems in real-time by applying chess principles to the game of life and turning that dream it into reality.” He explains his Be Someone Inc. program has reached more than 40,000 students in three countries.

That is not good enough for this former Alabama state-trooper who was an at-risk youngster growing up in urban Birmingham. “We need to connect with the chess player’s network world-wide. So much can be done for good if we just join hands,” Hudson stresses. “My hand is outstretched.”

He explains, “To be a teacher you must be a student and school is never out for the professional. Traveling 10,000 miles and hanging out with the best of the best here, then bringing back the wisdom and sharing with my students is what my life is all about,” he says. “Help students succeed and you will be successful” is my motto.

“Chess plays its own music.”
~Orrin Hudson, Besomeone, Inc.

Hudson knows that lesson first-hand. He explains he was destined for trouble when a teacher saw potential no one else could see. “This man refused to give up on me like others had, including myself,” he remembers. “He taught me the game of chess but more importantly he taught me that for every move I make in life there is a consequence either leading to a win or a defeat or set back. He taught me to be a winner.”

During his trip to the Philippines last year, Hudson heart was taken by young Filipinos who are pictured here holding copies of his book, “One Move at a Time“. Photos by Dante Lee.

The chess expert, who has many personal titles under his belt, said he feels this teacher saved his life. Now it is his turn to make a difference and that is exactly “what drives me every day of my life.” Although he has taught students from a variety of social strata, his emphasis is on young people who may need an extra helping hand to point them in the right direction.

“To be a teacher you must be a student and school is never out for the professional.” ~Orrin Hudson

Does his method work? Hudson made a believer out of one observer. Bill Maddox, a communications director at an Atlanta education non-profit, couldn’t believe his eyes when he observed the Be Someone Inc. founder in action in an area park. “Orrin had several tables set up and each one had inner-city youngsters concentrating on their next move,” said Maddox. “He moved down the line stopping at each table to ask questions of the competitors. He was teaching and these children were lapping it up.”

Maddox added that Hudson’s methods are proven. “I just wish more people would take the time to learn from him and join him. Think of the good that can be accomplished. Think of the young people who will be taught they have the power inside themselves to be successful! I believe in Orrin!”

Andrew Young speaking to children at BeSomeone training facility. Photo courtesy of Orrin Hudson.

Former Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young speaking to children
at BeSomeone training facility.

Daaim Shabazz and Orrin Hudson keeping the beat!

Orrin Hudson with The Chess Drum’s Daaim Shabazz
keeping the beat at the World Open in Philadelphia, USA!

Hudson will be available until November 26th at the Hotel Hyatt Regency in Chennai. “My goal by attending this tournament is to make the connections that will increase my ability and capacity to change young lives. There is so much work to do,” says Hudson, “and I can’t wait to do it! You can be a part be part of changing the world one move at a time.” For more information check out www.besomeone.org or call the Hyatt Regency Chennai.

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