Day: November 19, 2013

  • Orrin Hudson in India @FWCM2013

    ‘Be Someone’ Founder Attending 2013 World Chess Championship USA’s Orrin “Checkmate” Hudson in the Business of Saving Lives with His Chess Board Orrin “Checkmate” Hudson, long known in the United States for his ability to change young lives through the lessons taught on a chess board, is once again telling…

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  • WCC2013-8: Anand opts for Berlin… no dice

    Another pre-game rumination by Anand… trying to stir up motivation. Photo by Anastasia Karlovich. Fans and commentators were clamoring for a Najdorf Sicilian to challenge Magnus Carlsen’s two-point bulge in the eighth game of the match. What did they get? Anand took a page out of John F. Kennedy’s archives…

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  • WCC2013-7: Anand whiffs with white

    Anand pondering on a way to catch Carlsen in preparation. Photo by Anastasia Karlovich. All eyes were on Viswanathan Anand today as he was attempting to rebound after two consecutive losses. A minor stir was caused as Magnus Carlsen nearly forfeited due to the zero tolerance rule. Magnus Carlsen almost…

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