Day: November 16, 2013

  • WCC2013-6: Carlsen wins… two-point bulge

    Magnus Carlsen now has opened a healthy lead. Photo by Anastasia Karlovich. Magnus Carlsen has opened up a two-point bulge in the sixth game of the World Championships shellshocking fans all over the world… and Anand himself. The past two games lost by Anand in rook endings followed two contentious…

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  • Alphas host GM Ashley in Cleveland

    Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., known for its instincts for being originators and being first to serve and lead in its communities has done it again. The pre-community services activities of the second annual Cleveland Scholastic Open, a chess tournament designed to attract the interest of non-scholastic chess players and…

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  • WCC2013-5: Carlsen squeezes win!

    With the match building up to an exciting crescendo, this game actually started out with a rather speculative opening. It continues a trend of fighting chess. The match is getting prominent coverage in the Norwegian press. The game entered a variation that could lead to a sacrifice on move six…

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