BeSomeone’s Spring Fundraiser!!

Hudson has launched a $10,000 fundraiser to reach his goal to teach one million youth. He has collected $4,300 so far. He is seeking to raise the rest by June 3rd.

For those who are familiar with Orrin Hudson’s story, they can attest that from humbling beginnings he has blazed a trail destined to make an impact. Touched by a mass shooting of employees at a local fast food establishment, Hudson decided to quit his job, invest all of his savings to make a positive difference in the lives of underprivileged youth.

For the past 13 years, he has done just that reaching more than 20,000 youth with chess as the metaphor for life. Currently he is gearing up with his June chess camp in Stone Mountain, Georgia and has launching a summer fundraising campaign.

After his 50th birthday charity event, Hudson received a letter from a local charitable foundation impressed with his vision. This letter offered a “challenge grant” of $20,000 if Hudson’s Besomeone organization could raise $10,000. These funds will go toward further the Besomeone’s initiative to champion its programs. He has raised less than half of the amount.

Orrin Hudson is on page 58 of the current issue of Essence. Check it out!

While his story is known to many, he is still working hard to fund what has become motivational mantra of success. Many organizers will know that it is surprisingly difficult to find supporters to promote positive social programs. Hudson has been featured in a variety of mass media channels and is seeking to teach a million students. His appeals have touched many influential individuals including Jane Fonda, Andrew Young and film maker Tyler Perry to name a few. Hudson is currently highlighted in June 2013 issue of Essence magazine adding to his impressive list of media supporters.

Hudson told The Chess Drum, “This is BIG!” He excitedly mentioned that if he raises the funds it would go along way at reaching his goal of touching one million lives. One of his current projects is to renovate his aging facility and to provide a more suitable environment for his programs. After his Spring Break Camp in March, his upcoming ten-week summer camp hopes to be a rousing success. Help Besomeone reach its goal. See form below!

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