Day: March 30, 2013

  • ’13 World Candidates down to wire!!

    The 2013 World Candidates tournament is entering its last two rounds and the result is still in doubt. While two players have a reasonable chance of winning the top four are mathematically eligible to win. Two points separate the top four positions with Vladimir Kramnik atop the chart with an…

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  • HHCF @ Harvard University!

    Adisa Banjoko on point at Harvard University. Adisa Banjoko, founder of the Hip Hop Chess Federation (HHCF), presented to students at Harvard University “Living The Game: The Powerful Fusion of Hip-Hop & Chess”. The lecture detailed his philosophy of hip-hop chess which combines the lessons of hip-hop, martial arts and…

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  • New in Chess (2013/2)

    New in Chess has its usual splendor in the 2013/2 issue and it starts off with a bang. The letters section has a tome by GM Borislav Ivkov in response to GM Ivan Sokolov’s critique of Ivkov’s book, My 60 Years in Chess. Interesting that politics cannot escape chess. Moving…

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  • Cuba

    Ignacio “Nacho” Pérez is Washington Champ!

    FM Ignacio Perez holding the state championship on which his name appears twice as the champion. Photo by Steve Shoe. FM Ignacio Pérez is a household name in Seattle chess. An immigrant from Cuba, he has found a home in Washington state and is now a two-time state champion. Held…

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  • World Candidates 2013-12: Carlsen shocked!

    Round #12 Friday, 29 March 2013 Preview: Time is getting short. Three rounds left and one point separates the top three position. In a crucial battle today, Levon Aronian will face Vladimir Kramnik in a battle that may determine whether it is a two-horse race instead of a three-horse race.…

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