Josh Colas on Blindfold!

Josh Colas playing blindfold.

If an apple a day keep the doctor away, then what does a game of blindfold a day do? Guy Colas believes it will help his talented 14-year old son Josh Colas gain better board vision.

In a recent video posted on Facebook, Josh is seen playing his father in a training game. Granted Josh outrates his father by almost 700 points, but blindfold is known to be one of the most challenging forms of chess since the player has to keep sight of the board in his head.

In the video, Josh finishes off the game nicely, but lost track of a couple of pieces… impressive nevertheless. With daughter Chelsie holding the camera, this home video is a testament to the dedication of Josh whose USCF rating is still hovering close to his career-high of 2400. How does Josh see blindfold?

When you see me get up and walk around, I am actually seeing the board and thinking about conditional statements like if and then. This is a very useful training tool and kids should start practicing doing it. It really helps improve your board vision!

The current New York High School champion, Josh is a freshman at White Plains High. In the coming years, we will see if Josh gets good enough to challenge Timur Gareev’s feat. 🙂

Speaking of Blindfold, try these!


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  2. Thanks Daaim! I hope our kids are paying attention and go out and start practicing blindfold chess. The reward is abundant.

  3. Is he still doing this? Hi Five to Josh for going 2-0 recently against FM Justus Williams and GM Irina Krush. In the same span, Justus went 0-2.

  4. Not as often, but he still does. In fact, next month he’s invited to do a simul and a blindfold in Larchmont, New York. I believe a local reporter will be there to film the performance. BTW, the trio recently had a meeting with two prominent individuals who would like to see them become GMs. Theme was on sponsorship, training and creating invitational tournaments for them to play in.

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