Happy Birthday! 12 years for The Chess Drum!

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Dear friends and supporters,

At the old World Hall of Fame in Miami in 2001, the inaugural year of The Chess Drum.

Today is the 12th birthday for The Chess Drum! It has been an interesting ride and a much more challenging transition in the age of social networking. With the rise of Facebook and Twitter, there are a number of resources to find chess news and the chess community has become much more dispersed and blogs are no longer the main reservoirs of chess information. The Chess Drum has had a blog as part of its site since 2007 and still delivers dynamic chess news, but the role of chess sites is evolving.

Some sites and blogs have closed their doors while others have slowed the news spigot dramatically. The Chess Drum beat continues on, but the site will most likely be changing its current form to support a number of chess initiatives.

The Chess Drum has served as the resource for chess aficionados worldwide for international chess news, but has also highlighted players and events that would have never received news recognition anywhere else. Human interest stories is what gives chess much of its hidden power. Movies like “Brooklyn Castle” and books such as “The Queen of Katwe” provide more legitimacy and perhaps will attract chess to a wider population.

The Queen of Katwe

Many top chess sites focus primarily on the top tournaments and players and while this coverage is needed, chess provides so many human interest stories that are often overlooked. The mission of The Chess Drum for all of these years is to show the universality of chess and to also show that it is not limited to a select group of people or a specific ethnicity and/or class.

In my travels I have been able to encounter a wide variety of personalities and through the coverage here, hopefully people will gain a more accurate depiction of what chess is really about. I am always amazed (during large events) that so many people of varied backgrounds have traveled far and wide to compete. Why is this? Why is it that chess has such a magnetic power? These are the questions that give rise to such interesting stories.

So here is a synopsis of The Chess Drum in its 12 years…

As you can see, there is something for everyone. While The Chess Drum has blossomed into one of the world’s largest sites for chess, it will never have as many visitors and followers of many sites which ironically have less diverse coverage. As the creator of The Chess Drum concept, the site is an honest attempt to create a more comprehensive picture of what the chess community looks like. In coming years, The Chess Drum will continue to be part of the chess revolution!

Thanks for your support!


Dr. Daaim Shabazz, The Chess Drum

Cake presented to me in 2003.

The “eternal” birthday cake presented to me in 2003 by Kay Umeakunne. This was the nicest gift I had ever received in appreciation for The Chess Drum! It was delicious! 😀


  1. I can see mate in 3 on that birthday cake. 🙂

    I believe the next 12 years will be filled with exciting news about GM tltles on the horizon.

    Congratulations and thanks on authoring one of the shining examples of what the internet and the information age has to offer!

  2. The Chess Drum is a example for others to follow. It has provided insight and profiles of many exceptional players and personalities. It is a catalyst to the advancement of such a great game, played by many different people from around the World with a focus on people of Afro-Centric heritage and promote’s information that other’s are not so willing to express.
    My greatest appreciation is the exposure and accomodation of the children and their progression through the wonderful world of “Chess” and Life.

  3. Happy Birthday and Congratulation on a Wonderful Site! Daaim, Your efforts are appreciated!!!
    May I offer a little suggestion? Many parents need a little push to see the social and intellectual benefits of chess for their kids. I think this site can offer the credential and associated visual imagery to jump start many (African American) parents to introduce their child to chess. What I am suggesting is a well placed concise synopsis of how chess can stimulate and benefit the intellectual growth of their kids. Therefore, The Chess Drum could serve as a contact reference to support advocates of” chess for kids” especially among parents who lack any real knowledge of the game and history.

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  5. Thanks and Congratulations for being a positive voice for Chess on the National and International Level! Keep leading by example! Peace and Blessings!

  6. Daaim,

    Excellent stuff. You have been an exemplar with the quality of your work on and off “site”. Congratulations from the Jamaican Chess community. May you continue to enjoy health and possess the desire, fortitude and sagacity to expose the world to many more years of chess gems!

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