HHCF’s Bishop Chronicles… off the hook!

Adisa Banjoko’s Hip Hop Chess Federation has released four editions of the “Bishop Chronicles” podcasts. These segment feature personalities in the area of hip-hop, martial arts and chess. Some of the guests have been luminaries such as Shawn Fanning (creator of Napster), GZA (Wu Tang Clan), Jordan Richter (legendary skateboarder), David Frazee (Silicon Valley) and Diamond Shakoor. Following are a list of segments having been featured:

  • Episode 1: Shawn Fanning, Dr. Pete Goldman
  • Episode 2: GZA, David Frazee, World Chess Hall of Fame
  • Episode 3: Tupac Shakur Legacy, Jordan Richter
  • Episode 4: Tajai, Scott Budman, Diamond Shakoor

Adisa Banjoko at the World Chess Hall of Fame in St. Louis, Missouri.
Photo courtesy of Hip Hop Chess Federation.

The segments are free-flowing, conversational and thought-provoking accented by Adisa’s colorful banter. His passion of hip-hop shines through and his idea of using it for life strategies takes on a more vivid meaning!

Check out Bishop Chronicles at… https://bishopchronicles.com/podcast!


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  2. Ok! I know Tupac is on the right but is that a young B.I.G. on the left? I really like what Adisa is doing and the life lessons offered to the urban youths. He is giving kids the skills to combat a stressful environment with sound logic, values and motivation to rise above limited social expectations.


  3. Adisa Banjoko will speaking a Harvard University as part of the

    11th Annual Alumni of Color Conference
    Harvard Graduate School of Education
    Cambridge, Massachusetts
    February 28 – March 2, 2012

  4. It would be good see hip-hop chess make inroads into places with a vibrant hip hop and chess culture such as France. Here’s is a classic with the legendary MC Solaar and Guru.

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