Day: January 4, 2013

  • Follow The Beat!

    As we begin a new year there are some very exciting stories on tap including the upcoming Tata Steel Chess Tournament, the Candidates match in March. There are also from very exciting players emerging from a variety of countries. The Chess Drum posted 215 stories in 2012 (including live coverage…

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  • 2013 Tata Steel Chess (Wijk aan Zee)

    In a week’s time, Wijk aan Zee will host the its silver 75th edition of the Tatat Chess Chess Tournament. The average rating is 2732 is not quite as strong as last year’s 2754, but nevertheless a strong one indeed. The highest-rated player ever in Magnus Carlsen and world number…

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  • Endgame Survival Training #4

    A Saving Grace?? There are a number of endings that look totally hopeless and many times, endings come down to the strength of the pawns. In the following position, the lone white bishop is trying to stop three healthy, connected passed pawns. Ironically, if the black pawns were weaker and…

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