Day: December 31, 2012

  • The Chess Drum’s Highlights of 2012!

    The year of 2012 was supposed to be a magical year with all the Mayan calendar prophesies and such. In the year of the Olympics, a World Championship match, the Chess Olympiad and Kasparov’s record falling, there was quite a bit happening in the chess world. The Chess Drum was…

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  • Media Stories

    UTD on top in 5-way tie at Pan-Ams

    University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) won yet another Pan-Am Intercollegiate tournament. This makes the ninth time in history that the satellite campus has won the tournament tying the record with University of Maryland-Baltimore County (UMBC). While rated behind Webster’s powerful “A” team, UTD showed a bit more consistency and…

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  • Interviews

    Chess at Washington Square Park, Part #2

    Washington Park’s legendary hustlerVincent Livermore National Master Miro Reverby produced an interesting video documentary on a partial history of Washington Square Park. He includes footage of legendary figures in the chess hustle game in New York and provides a candid view inside the life of a small family of chess…

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