Jamaican Clash… Davy vs. Mellace!

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In Jamaica, the music genre is known for the “clashes” between the reggae dons. This weekend the “chess dons” take centre stage and play for the undisputed crown of Jamaican champion. The national championship ended in a tie for first between defending champion Damion Davy and Andrew Mellace. These playoffs will also determine board #1 at the Olympiad. Both men ended with 6.5/9 points in a star-studded field. Jamaican Federation President Ian Wilkinson reports on the match.



    Defending Jamaican Chess Champion, National Master (“NM”) Damion Davy, came out swinging in the first game of the six-game 2012 National Chess Championships play-offs to defeat his friend and training partner NM Andrew Mellace. Indeed, Davy turned back his opponent’s Sicilian Defence and delivered checkmate in just 25 moves to take the early lead on Saturday, June 23.

    Davy uncorked the devastating 17.Bh6! for a winning attack in game #1.

    The second game, played in the afternoon, ended in a draw in less than 20 moves as Mellace failed to make much use of the white pieces. Davy chose the Pirc defence, the queens were exchanged early and a truce was sealed after the players were left with only knights and pawns on the battlefield.

    Both men had ended tied on 6.5/9 points in the 2012 Jamaican Chess Championships, held at the Norman Manley Law School and Spanish Court Hotel April 13-29, 2012, to top a field of 24 players that included former national champions IM Jomo Pitterson, FM Shane Matthews (record 7-time champion), FM Warren Elliott and the 10-time Women’s national champion WFM Deborah Richards-Porter.

    The play-offs are taking place at the headquarters of the Magnificent Chess Foundation at 10 Swallowfield Road, Kingston5, Jamaica and continue with rounds 3 and 4 on Sunday June 24, 2012 at 9 am and 1 pm, respectively. If necessary, rounds 5 and 6 will be played on Tuesday, June 26 and Thursday, June 28 (9 am), respectively, at the same venue.

    Ian Wilkinson
    President, Jamaica Chess Federation
    June 23, 2012

  2. Game three ended earlier today. Davy had White and Mellace again essayed the Sicilian and the game was drawn in less than 30 moves. Davy leads the match 2-1.

    Game four has just started with Mellace having the white pieces and playing 1.e4. Davy responded with 1…c5, the Sicilian Defence, and a Smith-Morra is underway as Mellace tries to equalise!

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