Xtreme Chess Championship – Final!

Xtreme Chess Championships

This is it. This is the moment that chess fans in the U.S. have been anticipating. Who would win the inaugural Xtreme Chess Championships? Would it be Justus Williams, 13-year old star of the famed IS-318 or 22-year old Elliott Liu of Stanford University??

Williams has been getting a lot of publicity lately because his Jr. High team won both the High School AND Jr. High School championships. Success is coming fast for the soft-spoken Bronx native, but he would certainly be bearing his teeth. Liu has played enterprising chess beating FMs Alisa Melenkhina and Alex Barnett on the way to the final. Williams beat Kevin Wang and FM Kassa Korley.

If you didn’t see the earlier segments, watch them first…
Episode 1 (Williams-Wang, Korley-Martinez)
Episode 2 (Kats-Barnett, Melekhina-Liu)
Episode 3 (Williams-Korley, Liu-Barnett).

Teaser… the match was exciting with a very unusual ending. Take a look!


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