Kenny Solomon gets 1st GM norm!

IM Kenny Solomon
Photo by Daaim Shabazz.

In mid-December South African national IM Kenny Solomon earned his first GM norm in the Open Internazionale “Città di Padova”. Having barely missed a norm at Cappelle La Grande, the Italy-based IM scored 6.5/9 and scored +1 against five GMs reaching a career-high of 2461 ELO. Having greater access to stronger tournaments Solomon has put together a string of successes and is on the cusp of 2500. Now married with a daughter, Solomon has kept a busy schedule and will hopefully have more chances at earning two more norms. He is now the top-ranked player in South Africa and the 7th on the continent of Africa.

Official Standings


  1. That’s great !!! I got to meet him when he came to New York City a few years ago to play in a tournament in Harlem- a truly wonderful person. I watched him play some blitz against GM Ashley and he showed a great deal of sportsmanship in how he handled being defeated. I’m very glad for him and hope the other norms come soon.

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