WWC2011-8: Hou defends crown!

GM Hou Yifan, Women’s World Champion
Photo by Anastasiya Karlovich for FIDE.

Hou Yifan successful defended her title against Koneru Humpy by drawing the eight game in the Women’s World Chess Championship in Tirana, Albania. This was her first title defense and she won in convincing manner by 5½-2½. Perhaps her bad stretch months ago made her focus a bit more. The 17-year old looks forward to her next challenge. She will only get stronger.

This tournament was a rousing success for China and a disappointment for the Indians. Many were anticipating the match of the #2 and #3 players and two of the three women having made 2600. Humpy started out energetically and caught Hou Yifan off guard for the first few games. Apparently the Chinese team recovered in fine fashion. The game was not Humpy’s best effort at creating complications as she ended the game with a slightly worse position.

2011 Women’s World Chess Championship
November 14th-27th, 2011 (Triana, Albania)

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