5-way tie at Tal 2011 with 2 to go

With the current five-way tie, the 2011 Tal Memorial will come to an exciting end.

With the current five-way tie, the 2011 Tal Memorial will come to an exciting end. Photo by russiachess.org.

2011 Tal Memorial is one of the strongest tournaments in history and is going down to the wire. There is a five-way tie for first with only two rounds remaining.

Levon Aronian, Magnus Carlsen, Vassily Ivanchuk, Sergey Karjakin and Ian Nepomniachtchi lead with a +1 score on 4-3. World Champion Viswanathan Anand and Peter Svidler are on an even score. Vladimir Kramnik is on -1 and Hikaru Nakamura and Boris Gelfand are on -2.

There are a number of crucial matches going into the last rounds as many of the frontrunners will meet. Nakamura will be able to play “spoiler” as he faces Carlsen in the last round. This on the heels of Carlsen’s dismissive and flippant comments about the Kasparov-Nakamura alliance.

(after seven rounds)

1st-5th: Aronian, Carlsen, Ivanchuk, Karjakin, Nepomniachtchi, 4; 6th-7th: Anand, Svidler, 3½; 8th: Kramnik, 3; 9th-10th: Nakamura, Gelfand, 2½

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