Carlsson in European Team Championship

GM Pontus Carlsson
Photo by Mig Greengard.

GM Pontus Carlsson will play on the Sweden squad at the 2011 European Team Championship with GM Hans Tikkanen, GM Nils Grandelius, IM Daniel Semcesen, GM Stellan Brynell. The tournament will take place from November 3-11 in Porto Carras, Greece.

Several of the top teams will be on hand including World Team champion, Armenia. Other powerhouses are: Ukraine, Russia, Greece, Germany, Poland, England and Hungary.

Pontus was a member of the 2006 and 2008 Swedish Olympiad teams and has competed for his Swedish club several times winning a board five gold medal at the 2007 European Team Championship.



    1. To my knowledge Jerry Bibuld never had a list of Black IMs, but only what he labeled as “Afro-American” masters. At least I never saw or received such a document of Black IMs. I’m also not certain that Jerry has kept up with these statistics for several years as he has been battling a number of health conditions including Parkinson’s.

      I’m not sure what you mean by stats, but the “Drum Majors” page has been up since the inception of The Chess Drum for 10 years. It contains all the known Black Masters of record. The main contribution Jerry made to the list was the “Afro-American” list he sent me some 20 years ago in 1990. That list has been long outdated, but it contained each player, when they made National Master, their peak rating and their current rating.

      The only Black IMs to earn their titles in the U.S. with three norms are: Stephen Muhammad, Emory Tate and Farai Mandizha (waiting for conferral). Both FM William Morrison and FM Norman Rogers have two IM norms. FM Kassa Korley has one IM norm.

      There were no Black Grandmasters at that time of Jerry’s compilation I received and a few International Masters that I can recall (most notably five from Angola). Most of the African IMs received their titles from either winning a subzonal, African Junior, or African Championship or by scoring 66% in one of the events.

      Mandizha earned his three IM norms while resident in the U.S. and in three U.S. tournaments. Blacks in Europe such as IM Benjamin Bujisho (France) and IM Orelvis Mitjans (Spain) earned their titles with three norms as did the late Michael Schleifer (Canada).

      For GM norms, IM Miguel Mosquera (Columbia) has two, IM Robert Gwaze (Zimbabwe) has two and IM Watu Kobese (South Africa) has one.


  1. Daaim,

    I am sorry to hear about Jerry’s problems. I met him at the 2002 Olympiad in Bled, Slovenia and have fond memories of our interaction as he sought to capture the historic events through his itinerant camera lens. I have an email address for him but have not seen any responses to my email.

    Do you have any other means of contact ?

    1. I called him a couple of years back when IM Michael Schleifer passed away. He sounded a bit weak. I have a number in my phone that I can send. I’m not sure if it is current.

  2. Chatting with Pontus on Skype. He is talking about his preparations for the European Team. Sweden plays France in round one. He says the competition will be very tough. He is undefeated in the Swedish Chess League and says his form is good. He will get Laurent Fressinet in the first match.

    He still has ambitions to visit the U.S. and has suggested a “tandem simul” with Maurice Ashley against a group of players. Interesting idea!

    1. The tandem simul would be great.
      In this tourney I wish him Lycka Till! (I think that means Good Luck in Swedish :))

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