Lenderman wins 2011 U.S. Open

Orlando International Airport

Orlando International Airport where the Hyatt Hotel resides. One should never miss a flight! Photos by Daaim Shabazz.

Aleksandr Lenderman has had a lot of fortune as of late. He was awarded the Samford Fellowship, a $42,000 award for top young chessplayers and now has joined the hallowed halls of those having won the prestigious U.S. Open title. While it is not certain if Lenderman did his dance, he would have been more than justified after beating GM Alejandro Ramirez in the blitz tiebreak.

GM Aleksandr Lenderman. Photo by Daaim Shabazz.

GM Aleksandr Lenderman

Six other GMs equaled Lenderman’s 7.5/9 including Hikaru Nakamura who was a late entrant. Lenderman held Nakamura in the last round to prevent him from winning outright. Nakamura did however win the blitz event with a clean 14/14 with Robert Perez a distant second on 11/14. The result is another example that the balance of power has switched to younger players.

GM Aleksandr Lenderman

Lenderman chatting with Hikaru Nakamura after a tense draw.

Standings: https://www.alchess.com/chess/11/usopen/
Photos: The Chess Drum


  1. Photos from 2011 U.S. Open
    (Daaim Shabazz)

    2011 US Open

    Hyatt at Orlando International Airport

    2011 US Open

    Playing venue

    FMs Sunil Weeramantry and Kazim Gulamali

    FMs Sunil Weeramantry and Kazim Gulamali

    Champion's Trophy

    Champion’s Trophy

    2011 US Open

    Tamar Gelashvili vs. FM Kazim Gulamali (1-0)

    2011 US Open

    GM Hikaru Nakamura

    GM Julio Becerra

    GM Julio Becerra

    Top Section

    Top Section (round #8)

    IM John  Bartholomew

    IM John Bartholomew

    GM Aleksandr Lenderman vs. GM Hikaru Nakamura (1/2-1/2)

    GM Aleksandr Lenderman vs. GM Hikaru Nakamura (1/2-1/2)

    NM IM Daniel Naroditsky (right) vs. Michael Brown (1-0)

    IM Daniel Naroditsky (right) vs. NM Michael Brown (1-0)

    2011 US Open

    Top Section (Round #9)

    Brana Gianocristofaro

    Brana Gianocristofaro of Monroi.

    2011 US Open

    GM Alejandro Ramirez (Costa Rica) vs. GM Julio Sadarro (Philippines) (1-0)

    Damir Student vs. Majur Juac

    NM Damir Student vs. Majur Juac

    Loek Van Wely

    GM Loek Van Wely (Netherlands)

    Reece Thompson

    Reece Thompson, nominee for coolest lid!

    Sorry… another nominee! 🙂

    Majur Juac of South Sudan, world’s newest country. USCF Rating: 2183

    WIM Lorena Zepeda of El Salvador

    It’s safe to say that the room was NOT filled to capacity.

    2011 US Open

    USCF chess shop

    2011 US Open

    Mix-and-match chess sets. I bought orange and forest green. They are the colors of the university where I teach so I’ll replace the black and white that’s in my office.

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