Day: July 6, 2011

  • Lerrenzo “JR” Davis wins again!

    Lerrenzo Davis may be the only player in recent times to win two different sections in consecutive years at the World Open. Last year, Davis scored 8/9 in the under-1600 (beating out Khalee Ward) and this year he repeated the same 8/9 in the under-1800 to take home hefty $13,881.…

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  • St. Nicholas Chess & Backgammon Club

    Harlem, New York is the place where the “Harlem Renaissance” took place and where artistic expression flourished in the early 1900s. One hundred years later, artistry is still flourishing, but in this day and time, chess is the platform. St. Nicholas Park is known to many in the chess world…

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  • James Black stars at World Open!

    James Black , Jr. has already had a prodigious scholastic career and he was just coming off of a triple win at the National Youth Championships with three titles. So he went into the World Open with other young aspirants hoping to make an impact. Playing in the under-2400 section,…

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  • Kamsky wins the 2011 World Open!

    Gata Kamsky has been on a roll lately and continuing his onslaught by winning the 2011 World Open in Philadelphia. The two-time US Champion has had a nice run including defending his U.S. title, and a strong showing in the recent Candidates tournament defeating former World Championship contender and world…

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