Botswana-Zambia friendly match

Staff Writer (Mmegi-Botswana)

Tuduetso Sabure led Botswana women to victory.

Botswana women gave their Zambian opponents a 15-5 thumping in a friendly chess match played in Kasane on Saturday.

The two teams played four rounds. In the last round, the Zambians were walloped 4-0 as Keitumetse Mokgacha, Onkemetse Francis Thapelo Francis, and Tuduetso Sabure finished with maximum points.

The Botswana women had also given their opponents a 4-0 thrashing in round three. The Zambians only managed half a point in round two when Onkemetse was held to a draw. However, Botswana men lost heavily to Zambia in their friendly match also played in Kasane on Saturday, going down 14.5 points to 5.5 after four rounds of torture. In the last round all Botswana men lost.

At the receiving end were Ignatius Njobvu, Ofentse Molale, newly crowned champion Abel Dzilani, and Thabo Gumpo. The new champion however managed the only point for the home side in round two.



  1. I hate to say I all told you so! See my comments in the Zonal 4.3!
    Congrats to the winning teams!

  2. U had posted a number of insightful comments in the Zonal 4.3,each covering a number of key issues. However,I’d appreciate it if you pointed out what you “say you all told us” that specifically applies to the recently ended match.

    Congrats to the Zambian mens team! Its the second time in a row that Zambian men have had Victory over the Botswana.Somehow I predicted this result. I foresee a very similar result even at the next match among the men.

    The Bots women clearly have an advantage over the Zambian women. This too,is their second victory (in a row!!)against the Zambian women.

    I look forward to the next match!!

  3. not bad results for Botswana! notwithstanding GM Amon’s presence this was Botswana’s “C” team.

  4. Ndawana,defeat is usually a hard thing to accept. Even in instances like this were u do not really have full facts as to who was playing on the victorious thing. I think you referring to the Botswanans players as “C” is a little “deforming of character/image” on their part.
    That aside I think we must make it a point to learn from these friendly matches,whether victorious or on the losing end.
    I do not know why I have the strong belief that Africans,if committed,united and strategic(long term), can penetrate into the high levels of international chess. In my opinion “Chess is easy but what it takes to make it so is the hardest part-sacrifice, discipline,study,commitment,endurance and good marketing&public relations skills!!”

  5. Hi Andrew/Ndawana
    Zambia is the Chess power-house in our regions chess currently. Their player strength down the ranking list goes much deeper than all including the well manged Angola FAX. Even their trash talking hobby-players are very good Blitz players(I experienced it personally in Lusaka) So, Ndawana, you are my Buddy but to find an excuse in the fact that Bots fielded a “C” team is not meaning that the result would have been different if ….! Zambia’s so called “A” is extremely strong, now joined by the blossoming JERE-Machine, I believe they can hammer RSA badly! So for Kayonde’s sake; let me say this: Zambia has the best players from the TOP to bottom 20 in ranking order! Clearly second to Egypt.
    However, in the past; the fact is Bots, with Kobese as the Coach, plus Mr.Wanda at the helm, they clobbered Zambia! Mr.Wanda gave Bots the ladies strength that’s prevalent now!BCF must find their past mojo if they have a chance to get back to glory! Otherwise its game-over!

  6. Well said gentlemen, Zambia men are by any means no way near Botswana men. Zambia is very very strong, and to say Botswana fielded team C is inappropriate. The current Champion was playing as well as NJoobvu, and Molale. accept defeat Batswana, you ahev been clobbered heavily and thats a reality. Everyone kbnows that Zmbia is far stronger than Botswana. No point really arguing over these one at all.

  7. well!!the team that beat Botswana!! those players participated in the trials for the national team and did not make the team!!so i can only imagine if Botswana played team main zambian national team???

  8. well Mr Jackie its hard to say, will bet a million dollars on the lost boys! they are untouchable.

  9. Yes,the Zambian International Master (Chitumbo Mwali) speaks nothing but the truth. The players that played against Botswana…non of them made it into the national team-although very strong.

    Their(Zambian players) strength is one that surprises me though…we do not have many tournaments here in Zambia yet very competitive at both continental and international level. I can only imagine what would happen if we had an administration that has an eye for such simple things as tournaments(both local and international). I strongly believe what Jere and Chumfwa have recently displayed is only a tip of what’s to come!!! If u do not believe still, check how all the Zambian players performed at the recently ended Commonwealth &SA Chess Championship.

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