Angola’s Soares wins African Junior!

Angola Angola Angola

Angola’s Erickson Roberto Soares
Photo courtesy of CHESSA.

Luanda — Angola won Sunday the African Male Junior Chess Championship held in East London, South Africa, in representation of the athlete Erikson Roberto. (Note: Full name is Erikson Roberto Mauricio Soares)

Erikson Roberto beat his opponent Thabo Gumpo, from Botswana, in the 9th and last round of competition from 27 February to 6 March.

The Angolan chess player was not only the best players of competition but also became the International master, a title granted by World Chess Federation (FIDE).

The Angolan chess player managed to reach seven points.

The male category was represented by Vanderson Dias and Sílvio Famoroso, in addition to the African championship. Whereas, Maria Domingos and Irineia Gabriela represented in female.



  1. Congratulations Erikson!
    To win this important even is a culmination of Three years of hard-work with my Academy sanctioned by the Angola chess federation (Fax). I am particularly proud and impressed with the determined approach of the officials (Dr. Jaime & Mr. Abraoo and Co.) at Fax. Who will do whatever it takes to developing players. For instance I recommended way back then: Can you prepare the young man by sending him at 13 years old to partake in the Africa Chess Champs (Namibia)?, YES WE CAN; The result then shot him to 2nd place in Fax FIDE ranking. Can you send him to RSA for training a camp and to play inter alia private matches with the RSA Junior hopefulls? YES WE CAN! This clearly gave him the edge and armed him accordingly. So, let this be a lesson to all Federation incumbent despots that sending juniors to events without proper preparation and planning will continue to yield no results. Sorry CHESSA! However take pride in Tshepang who saved RSA face as the host. Winning the woman event (Without Chessa’s help!) deserves accollades. Congrats to you too young girl! Follow Melisa! WGM should be your next aim!

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