Lazslo Nagy’s 1st Saturday in Hungary!

László Nagy has been running the “First Saturday” tournament since February 1992. Since then, his tournaments have become the regular training grounds for the world’s brightest stars. Nagy speaks with glee about his enterprise and is always looking for rising talent for his tournaments. How did it all start?

‘Probably still under influence of military exactness I felt that 15th of the month could not work; it could fall on any day…I needed to create some precise system. I thought that for a nine round tournament it would be best to start on Saturday because that would give players two weekends off work, school and family life. So the Saturday start seemed to be logical. But that was only one step solved. I needed to establish some working regularity and concluded that to start on the first Saturday of the month would be most practical. I just spontaneously called my tournaments ‘First Saturday’; the name sounded to me catchy enough for marketing purposes.’

So Nagy openly invites all to compete in his tournaments, but he has also told The Chess Drum that he wants to attract more players from Africa and the Caribbean. Bunmi Olape and Uche Malachy Agu of Nigeria where featured here from a previous visit. Nagy hopes that more Africans would take up the invitiation and has announced three GM tournaments for First Saturday.

5th-15th March Budapest
19th-27th March Kecskemet
2nd-13th April Budapest

You can contact László Nagy for more information at Other details may be found at

Video courtesy of First Saturday.

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