Diamond ‘threepeats’ as K5 Champion!

Diamond Abdus-Shakoor

Diamond Abdus-Shakoor shining with her championship smile!

Diamond Abdus-Shakoor made history recently after winning the Columbus City Schools Elementary District Championships in Ohio. She went 6-0 in the K-5 section. Diamond went 6-0 K-5th grade. This makes the first time in the 25-year history that a player has accomplished this feat. She will prepare to compete in the Polgar National Championship in a couple weeks which will take place at Texas Tech University.

Diamond Abdus-Shakoor with her proud Dad, Abdul Abdus-Shakoor.

Diamond with her proud Dad, Abdul Abdus-Shakoor.


  1. Congrats to Diamond (in name and nature -a true gem!), her family friends and other support staff. The possibilities are endless.

  2. Peace brother Daaim!

    Diamond and I just returned from the Polgar National Open in Phoenix, AZ and we had a wonderful time. Diamond also won the 1st Place in the Blitz Competition for Girls in grades 3rd-5th. She also won 4/5 in the Bughouse Competition for 5th out of 25 Teams. She is preparing for World Open, in Philadelphia; and The Susan Polgar Invite Only Tournament in Lubbock, TX; both in July! Corporate sponsors are needed for this young African American Chess Princess further explore her chess talents! chessdailynews.com should have more information on the event and photos and http://www.chessemporium.com has the tournament results; until posted on uscf… Thank you to The Chess Drum!!!

  3. Hi Diamond!
    Congratulations kiddo!!!
    I first read about you from your Dad’s post on Dwayne Wade’s Mum’s church opening piece… I could tell right away you’re really special and I just pray you’re gonna go on to do everything God made you out to be… and I’m prophesying that supernatural help is gonna come your way, because I KNOW God places people in our destinies to help us along our way – He has everything thought out! He’s got you and your daddy (and grandma) covered. Just relax and give Him glory every single time.
    Again, you’re special. Keep that, hun!
    Olu! (Nigeria).

    1. Thank You Olumide! Peace and Blessings! We appreciate the words of wisdom!!!!!!

    Congratulations to Ms. Diamond Shakoor, 11 years old, 5th grade student at Eastgate Elementary in Columbus, Ohio. On Febuary 16, 2012; Diamond went 6-0 to win the (K-5TH GRADE) District Chess Championships for the 4th year in a row. There were 42 Schools competing and 76 participants competing for the Title. Diamond is 24-0 in 4 years at the tournament. Great Job Diamond, you represent our City and State with humbleness and grace!

  5. She’s just so cute! Congratulation Diamond and keep leading by example and use your talent to help wake up the many more sleeping diamonds out there who might have otherwise end up on wrong side of life.

    1. Thank you Mr. Colas! We get inspiration from families such as yours! Thanks for the sincere words of wisdom! Tell Josh we said hi! Take care and hope to see you soon!

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