Day: February 18, 2011

  • Diamond ‘threepeats’ as K5 Champion!

    Diamond Abdus-Shakoor shining with her championship smile! Diamond Abdus-Shakoor made history recently after winning the Columbus City Schools Elementary District Championships in Ohio. She went 6-0 in the K-5 section. Diamond went 6-0 K-5th grade. This makes the first time in the 25-year history that a player has accomplished this…

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  • Lazslo Nagy’s 1st Saturday in Hungary!

    László Nagy has been running the “First Saturday” tournament since February 1992. Since then, his tournaments have become the regular training grounds for the world’s brightest stars. Nagy speaks with glee about his enterprise and is always looking for rising talent for his tournaments. How did it all start? ‘Probably…

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