Tyler Perry gives $14,000 to Besomeone!

The Chess Drum reported on Orrin Hudson’s plea for support after the Dekalb County slapped him with five citations which requires him to raise $28,000 to come into code compliance. He got the first $14,000 from a local anonymous donor. With a December deadline approaching, Tyler Perry donated the other $14,000 and now the renovation work can begin. 11 Alive New, an NBC affiliate interviewed Hudson who announced the gift.


  1. I hope other media outlets give credit to Mr. Perry and the subsequent benefits which charity and chess offered to our community youth. We need more Tyler’s amd Orrin’s.
    As for myself I find great joy in teaching beginners the joy of chess. The widen eyes of confidence and smile of pride from a new “I can do it” attitude are great rewards in making a difference in a youngster’s life.
    God bless Tyler and Orrin.

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