Day: December 13, 2010

  • Chess snubbed in Jamaican Awards

    Jamaican Chess Don, Ian Wilkinson has protested the recent ruling by the Jamaican Olympic Association’s (JOA) selection committee. The committee decided to reject Jomo Pitterson’s candidacy for the “Sportsman of the Year”. Michael Fennell the JOA’s President stated, “I have explained to him and Mr (Gary) Allen, chairman of the…

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  • Corbblah on JEOPARDY!

    Jonathan Corbblah will be on JEOPARDY! tonight. Photo from According to a report on, U.S.C.F. Expert Jonathan Corbblah will play on the popular gameshow “JEOPARDY!” on tonight. The gameshow is a fierce trivia competition on a variety of topics and is one of the longest-running gameshows in the…

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  • Josh Colas: 7th Grade National Champ!

    Guy Colas told The Chess Drum that there was an intense focus that his son Josh Colas had before the National K-12 Championships in Orlando, Florida. “As you know Josh never reveals his emotion which is why he is liked so much. However, I can tell when he’s pumped.” The…

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