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Orrin C. Hudson has been championing the cause of chess since 2000 when he founded Besome, Incorporated. He story is well know and he has graced the covered of major magazines and been on a number of news programs to explain his mission.

One of the mission is to train 1,000,000 kids in his trademark motivational lessons which encourage students to make better decisions in life. Chess is his training ground and it has been a metaphor for time management, good decision-making skills and success in life. Hudson has infectious energy in transmitting these ideas and states that his efforts has attracted the attention of personalities such as movie producer, Tyler Perry.

Hudson is meeting challenges of keeping his program going. Ten years ago, Hudson bought property in which to train his students. However, Dekalb County has delivered five citations including lack of adequate parking spaces and lack of handicap access. The city is requiring Hudson to bring the building up to code regulations. The cost for the parking lot is estimated at $28,000, half of which an anonymous donor has already pledged. The citations issued by the inspectors were thrown out, but Hudson is seeking donors and investors to continue his work. Hudson was recently on CBS-affiliate in Atlanta.

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