Day: September 23, 2010

  • Awarding of Olympiad Medals

    Women’s Grandmaster Yana Melnikova wrote an essay titled, “Carlsen, Topalov? Kramnik?” It dealt with the awarding of Olympiad medals. She endorses the awarding of medals on total performance rating (TPR) and admits that it limits the pool primarily to the top players such as Carlsen, Topalov and Kramnik. This is…

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  • 2010 Chess Olympiad: Round #3

    Top Boards (Open) Croatia 2-2 Ukraine Poland 2-2 Bosnia &Herzegovina Mexico 1½-2½ Georgia Peru ½-3½ Russia 2 USA 3-1 Chile Round #3 Analysis: Things are heating up as we enter a pivotal round. In Dresden, top teams started facing each other in round four and this tournament is no exception.…

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