Wilson wins 2010 Harold Chan Open!

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Brandon Wilson
Winner of 2010 Harold Chan Open.
Photos by Malaku Lorne.

National Master Brandon Wilson made a long-awaited return to his impressive form of the past when he captured the 2010 Harold Chan Open, with an undefeated five points from a possible six. The tournament was held September 4-5 at Jamaica College, in honor of the dedication of Dr. Harold Chan to the local chess community.

The triumph came after Wilson defeated WFM Deborah Richards in a swift ‘Accelerated Dragon Defense’, ending her chances of securing two consecutive tournament victories. Candidate Master Daren Wisdom secured second place after setting back defending champion NM Peter Myers, claiming 4.5 points, and in the process making another crucial step towards the title of National Master.

In spite of this, Richards and Myers were still able to secure third place tied with compatriots, Ryan Blackwood, Terence Lindo, and the returning veteran NM Robert Wheeler who was awarded the bronze medal based on the tiebreak.

Miguel Asher

Wilson vs. Ramsay followed an unorthodox line in the Sicilian Najdorf. The game ended in a draw, and Wilson went on to win all 3 games on the final day.

In the Intermediate Section, the fast improving Miguel Asher of Wolmers’ Boys High School proved too much for the Campionite Andrew Foulkes in the ultimate round. The victory placed him in first place tied with Horace Sinclair, however Asher was declared the winner on the tiebreak, with Foulkes and Jermaine McDonald trailing in shared second place.

~Report by Zachary Ramsey (chessjamaica.com).

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  1. Congratulations Brandon nice to see you back on the chess scene! Hope this is the start of many more victories!

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