Ashley DVD: “The Secret to Chess”

In 1995, Ashley unveiled a ground-breaking CD titled, “Maurice Ashley Teaches Chess“. The CD was aimed at a diverse audience and gave the viewer so many options for chess improvement. The title is still sought after, but of course in 15 years, so many titles have been released to the chess world. Ashley has been busy keeping pace with the release of his latest project, a DVD titled, “The Secret to Chess.” Produced by ChessBase, this DVD will feature Ashley’s famous commentary with insightful analysis of games and the inne workings of the Grandmaster’s mind.

On this DVD, Maurice Ashley reveals a simple idea that will forever change the way that you see chess. He shares the secret he discovered on his path to the Grandmaster title, a secret that every player must understand in order to reach the highest level. Introducing his new term “Drawback Chess“, he shows that chess is often not about looking for a winning move, but more about searching to find the flaws hidden deep inside your opponent‘s moves. With instructive examples and engaging practice positions, all explained with a clarity that anyone can understand, Maurice opens the door to a grandmaster‘s thinking process that will put you on the path to real chess improvement. Video running time: 4 hours

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  1. I am glad to see this. Based on the clip, it looks like GM Ashley has done top notch work again. I look forward to enjoying this video at some point soon…Congratulations Maurice!

    Kimani A. Stancil

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