Van Wely wins 2010 Chicago Open!

Loek Van Wely stifled Sam Shankland’s quest for GM norm (and title) while Varuzhan Akobian fell to England’s Michael Adams. Photo by Daaim Shabazz.

Loek Van Wely has been spending a lot of time in the states in past years including the 1994 World Open and 1996 New York Open. He also played in Maurice Ashley’s HB Global Chess Challenge and several open tournaments including last year’s Chicago Open. Thus, he has certainly found a hospitable climate here.

Having to win against a norm-hungry Samuel Shankland, Loek was able to take advantage of a couple of endgame mistakes and snare the full point. He got help from Michael Adams who vanquished Varuzhan Akobian in a smooth victory. The Dutchman took him clear first and $10,200.00. Adams, Evgeny Najer, Victor Mikhalevski, Jiri Stocek all shared second with 7/9 for $2425.00.

Final Results: (All Sections)
Selected Games: (Open Section)


  1. Photos from Chicago Open
    (Daaim Shabazz)

    Playing Hall at the Wheeling Westin.

    Monroi was on the scene.

    Varuzhan Akobian and Michael Adams playing in a pivotal battle.

    Giorgi Kachieshvili getting a better perspective of the position.

    Erik Karklins still going strong.

    Lorena Zepeda of El Salvador (5/9).

    Gwayne Lambert scored 6/7 in the under-1900 and got joint first.

    FM Farai Mandizha of Zimbabwe battling against
    US Chess League Commissioner Dr. Arun Sharma.

    Tense Times-Magness battle with white getting the win.

    IM Raymond Kaufman brutally mated young star FM Conrad Holt. In this position, Holt is about to play 1…Ne6 after which Kaufman finishes with 2.Rxe6+ fxe6 3.Qxe6+ Kf8 4.Rxd7 Qe8 5.Rg7! mating.

    Dr. Okechukwu Iwu

    Jon Haskel at the arbiter’s table.

    Back at the top tables… GM Alexander Shabalov vs. IM Angelo Young and Jaan Ehlvest vs. IM Leonid Gerzhoy.

    Back at the top tables…

    Down to the wire! Loek Van Wely on the move against Samuel Shankland while Michael Adams ponders against Varuzhan Akobian. Shankland needed to hold to get his last GM norm, but was unsuccessful. Meanwhile Adams dispatched of Akobian is a clean win.

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