Day: December 16, 2009

  • Chess Crackers (November/December 2009)

    More Chess Crackers for your enjoyment. This set are positions from IM Michael Schleifer’s games. A couple of them are not very difficult, but there are some very instructive ideas here. Enjoy! IM Michael Schleifer – IM Mark Bluvshtein (2002 CMA Futurity, Montreal, Canada) White to Move (after 19…Rc8xc1) More…

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  • Barbados host Prince Memorial

    Margaret Prince Celebration Ladies Tournament 2010 Margaret Prince Barbados’ 1st Women’s Chess Champion, Margaret Prince was an icon of the local chess community and one of its most vocal advocates for Women’s Chess. She was a former Vice-President and Founding Member of the Barbados Chess Federation, serving a number of…

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