Canty officially joins Master ranks!

At the 2006 World Open, James “Jimmy” Canty III told The Chess Drum that he would seek to make National Master as soon as possible. While now a Senior at Detroit’s Mumford High School (transfer from Cass Tech), Canty has now earned the title of USCF National Master after a strong 6.5/7 performance in the Harold Steen Memorial tournament.

Steen was Canty’s first coach so it is fitting that he earned his title in his coach’s honor. Now at 17, Canty has reached 2200 and will now determine which goal he will conquer next. In a 2006 interview, he stated that he wanted to be the next Black Grandmaster… and youngest. Next spring, Canty will enter his final season of scholastic chess and hopefully will qualify again for the Denker tournament. All the best!

James 'Jimmy' Canty III

James ‘Jimmy’ Canty III


  1. Congratulations to Jimmy. While he has achieved much already, he has the potential to go much further in this game.

    He impressed me from the very first time I we met. We played a skittles game, and this kid, age 11 and barely 1200 strength, was a true fighter. He was not intimidated by me at all, played to win, was aggressive. He never gave up. Even in a losing game, I could see him calculating and continuing to fight to the last breath. Very impressive. I was intimidated! Who is this kid?

    He was a pleasure to teach. He was a devoted student, who worked hard at the game on his own time.

    Jimmy already posesses a great fighting spirit, deep / fast calculating ability, and strong attacking instincts. As he continues to add technical mastery, experience and a thought out opening repertoire, I feel Jimmy is only bound by how much he chooses to work at this game. As a young man, Jimmy will have to prioritize many things such as school, his rap career, social life and chess. Time will tell.

    As a master, he has already achieved more than most ever do. I wish him the best of luck in the future.


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