Day: July 9, 2009

  • Reflections of 2009 World Open

    Another reflections page here! You can add your own, but I am including a list of my good and bad moments at the World Open. My 2007 was sparse, but this one will be thorough. best memories were… staying with Norman Rogers and his family; meeting GM Vinay Bhat, a…

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  • South Africa Open goes online!

    ChessCube’s Headquarters in South Africa. In a very intesting experiment, Mark Levitt, the CEO of, is holding the South Africa Open with players who are not at the tournament venue. Three players are located in Australia and are playing via the Internet under the supervision of arbiters. The SA…

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  • Black Stars shine at World Open

    The World Open has been the stage for realizing that chess has many faces. In 37 years, this tournament is typically a time of great celebration for players of African descent. There is no official side event designated for this celebration, but this is a tournament that attracts players from…

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