Chess Crackers (May/June 2009)

IM Amon Simutowe – FM Patrick Van Hootlandt
2009 Cappelle La Grande
White to Move (after 33…Qf8xa8)

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  1. Right, but the key is to find the best move. 🙂 Amon finds it the best move and the end is swift. When we get winning positions, it’s still important that we play as if we’re stil trying to get the advantage.

    We need some more brothers to play some games with these type of tactical situations. After eight years of these, I’m about out of “Chess Crackers” from Black Masters. Send some of your good ones Glenn.

  2. Thank Marvin! I was in Chicago last month. I have to catch up with you next time. It’s been years. I still cherish the plaque you gave me for the City Championship. That is my best chess award… including the Junior Championship! I really worked hard to make board one for the CVS Cavaliers. 🙂

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