Phillips is Louisiana G/30 Champ

Rene Phillips, winner of 2009 Louisiana G/30

The 2009 Louisiana G/30 Championship was held on Saturday, March 14 at the Baton Rouge Bridge Center. Thirty-four players attended to make this the largest G/30 event in recent history.

Rene Phillips swept with a perfect 5/5 score and an incredible 2518 performance rating to become the new Louisiana G/30 Champion. In the final round, Phillips unsheathed his feared London Attack with the white pieces and defeated Adam Caveney to clinch the victory. Phillips is a noted player and chess coach in the New Orleans area; his website, The Chess Gym, provides training and lessons for players of all strengths.

Tied for 2nd place were Alex Steger, Keenan Olson, and newcomer Derek Planchet. Planchet, previously rated 1059, showed an astounding performance rating of 1992.

USCF Crosstable

Other prize recipients:

2nd Place: Alex Steger (tied for 2nd overall)
U2000: Keenan Olson (tied for 2nd overall)
U1800: Derek Planchet (tied for 2nd overall)
U1600: Joshua Larcena
U1400: Jordan Pujol
U1200: Matthew Ussery

Note: Thanks to all of those who sent this report!


  1. Congratulations Rene! I am wondering if any of the G/30 games are posted? Also is there any value in recording the time remaining after each move, to go back later and see how time was spent? What is your opinion on this aspect of the game, I generally see very little discussion on it. Open question to anyone… Thank you!

  2. I record the time after each move, but it’s harder to do with some digital clocks. I believe the DGT boards have a feature that will accomplish this when it is connected to the clock (via cable).

  3. I record the time after each move, but it’s harder to do with some digital clocks. I believe the DGT boards have a feature that will accomplish this when it is connected to the clock (via cable).

    I agree with Daaim’s assessment. Recording the time after every move is a good idea for the serious student, however, in fast time controls it becomes more difficult. The DGT boards/clock combination do in fact record time. If I am not mistaken, they will record time without the clock, but it is only time between moves and not related to game time.

    Analyzing your games with the time used will often show where you miss opportunities. I utilize this technique when studying some of my online games. I can usually find better moves in a position during post analysis. I ask myself, why didn’t I consider this move and then I notice how long I spent on the move.

    Playing Fritz or Rybka you can record time spent on moves too.

  4. Congratulations, Rene, on an excellent performance. A state title should help (somewhat) ease the sting of what Mr. Phillips endured at the World Open.

    I should note that Adam Caveney is not exactly a garden-variety player. I know him personally, having roomed with him and his brother at the 1992 US Open. Adam’s been around 2200 since high school, and is not easy pickings.

    I hope Mr. Phillips returns to Philadelphia in July.

  5. Phillips turns in another Masterful performance rating of 2257 at 2009 Supernationals! Coach Rene’ scored 4 out of 4 winning the rated tournament on tie breaks over two 2300’s netting a chess store check for $320.00. The performance came less than a month on the heels of Phillips 2518 performance at the Louisiana G/30 Championship. I guess it is safe to say Coach Rene is officially out of retirement.The rated section of the Coach/Friend tournament had 75 players with 52 players in the unrated section for a total of 120+ players!

  6. Thanks guys. Having a nice win over GM Izoria declared a draw still sticks in my gut. Winning the Coach/Player tournament was a huge monument. One of my students ran into Kasparov on the way to their room and as the Former World Champion passed, my eight-year old student asked Kasparov, “Would you like my coach’s number? He could train you as he has come out of retirement!” Now what can make you feel better than that statement?

  7. Thanks Kimani, Boyd, Fletcher, Richard, Frank, and Michael, The games are posted on Louisiana Chess Association web site. I am looking forward to the World Open in Philly and reuniting with the brothers there for a spell.

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