Month: March 2009

  • April 2009 Rating list released!

    Veselin Topalov (right) completes move against Gata Kamsky. Photo by World Championship Challenger Veselin Topalov vaults back over 2800 (2812, +16) and there were a few changes in the top ten. World Champion Viswanathan Anand (2783, -8) lost a few from his substandard tournament right after winning the World…

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  • Africa

    Senterej: Chess with Ethiopian Flavor

    Dr. René Gralla has done an interesting piece on a version of chess called “Senterej” which originates in ancient Abyssinia (Ethiopia). Gralla contends: Historians and experts in cultural studies always look towards India, Persia and Arabia – and some even turn to China, more recently – when they search for…

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  • GM Ashley treks to South Africa!

    GM Maurice Ashley recently spent time in South Africa touring the schools and promoting chess. He was able to leave the students with some valuable life lessons. The host was David Berman who runs the program, “Chess for Change”. Ashley sent the following letter: Hey Daaim: I just came back…

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  • Opinion/Editorials

    65th Square: Why Chess?

    If you are reading this story you are probably one of the millions who have an appreciation for the royal game of chess… or at least have some intrigue. If one stops to think about the game and sport, perhaps a common question has arisen, “Why Chess?” “Why have I…

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  • Historic Moments: Legends Meet!

    RZA playing Eric Schiller with IM Emory Tate chatting with another attendee. Photo by Eric Arnold. Just penned a piece on the meeting of RZA and Emory Tate. What is revolutionary about this meeting is not the mere personalities of two, but it is the idea that two individuals who…

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  • Angola hosts BGI International

    This story came from “The Hindu” website who apparently got it from a Chinese site. I have corrected some of the misspelled names. Not sure who “Jhonis Rober” is. LUANDA (Xinhua): Angola is to hold the “Cuca BGI” international chess tournament from April 16 to 26 in the capital Luanda,…

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  • Aronian wins Amber 2009!

    GMs Levon Aronian and Gabriel Sargissian at 2008 Olympiad in Dresden, Germany. Photo by Daaim Shabazz. Armenia’s Levon Aronian won the Amber tournament for the 2nd consecutive year by winning both the blindfold and the rapid events. Vladimir Kramnik, arguably the world’s best blindfold player and Viswanathan Anand, arguably the…

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  • Phillips is Louisiana G/30 Champ

    The 2009 Louisiana G/30 Championship was held on Saturday, March 14 at the Baton Rouge Bridge Center. Thirty-four players attended to make this the largest G/30 event in recent history. Rene Phillips swept with a perfect 5/5 score and an incredible 2518 performance rating to become the new Louisiana G/30…

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  • Medina Parrilla earns ‘Expert’ Rating

    Since of the age of 12, Medina Parrilla has been a scholastic sensation and has a case full of trophies and accolades to prove it. Pages of The Chess Drum are replete with stories of her exploits. Now on the verge of graduating high school, she is embarking on perhaps…

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  • Belize Chess carries on!

    Today I found an interesting clip on a chess camp held in the jungles of Belize. The idea of the camp was spawned by Ms. Ella Anderson, who got the inspiration from her work in New York City. From this experience, she was able to bring the chess culture to…

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