Angelo Armistead making good moves!

Angelo Armistead

Angelo Armistead
Principal, Humphrey Middle School

Angelo Armistead was recently featured in a Chicago-area newspaper concerning his promotion of chess in a school where he is the principal. Armistead is a Chicago southside native who attended South Shore High School and then Chicago State University. He earned a Master’s at Governor’s State University and then started his long career in education. After serving as Principal of Thornton until 2004, he became the Principal at Humphrey Middle School in Bolingbrook, Illinois which is a west suburb of Chicago. He plans to return for his doctorate. The stories of chess in schools keep coming!

Source: The Herald News (Bolingbrook)


  1. Frank,

    Angelo Armistead goes way back in Chicago chess circles. We used to hang out at Tuley Park on Saturdays and travel to some tournaments… Proviso West and the then-famous Chicago Chess Center. One of the most memorable tournaments we hung out together was at Richard Verber’s “No Exit Cafe” along with Edwin Walker of Whitney Young. That was one of the best times I had in chess.

    I remember when Angelo and Melvin Alsberry used to play blitz matches. Alsberry was a high school star at Carver and would talk trash. Angelo was a good trash-talker too. Tuley Park was a lot of fun in those days. Marvin Dandridge was the king and Roger Hickman was #2 guy. You don’t remember J.A. Miller and Marvin Johnson, but they were all my chess role models.

    The southsiders were a different breed from the Chicago chess hustling crew. We just played chess mostly for pride and bragging rights… products of the Chicago Public School Chess.

  2. Yes, Angelo was a good player. Good battles we had indeed. Good to see chess in the schools. I also remember Miller and Johnson. Both wearing their famed eye glasses as they study the board. The good old days!

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