Day: November 19, 2008

  • Dresden Olympiad breaking records!

    Facts and Figures of the Chess Olympiad in Dresden The final turnout of the participants of the Chess Olympiad is now set. “Replacement or new nominations are not possible anymore”, says Werner Stubenvoll of the Technical Administration Panel (TAP). A total of 1270 chess players take part at the Olympiad…

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  • 2008 Chess Olympiad: Round #6

    Top Boards Russia 3-1 England Ukraine 2-2 Germany 1 Azerbaijan 1½-2½ Armenia France 3-1 Poland Bosnia & Herzegovina 1½-2½ India Sweden 1½-2½ Israel Georgia 1½-2½ China Romania 2½-1½ Bulgaria Pregame Analysis: Near the midway point, the beat goes on as Russia is back on board #1 facing England. England has…

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