Day: November 15, 2008

  • Ugandans in Olympiad Crisis!

    Wanyama Harold (Uganda) After months of desparately trying to raise funds and attend the Olympiad, players on the Ugandan side are without visas to travel. Only two players have been able to secure a visa, but the team forfeited for failing to field 50% of the team. They have missed…

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  • 2008 Chess Olympiad: Round #3

    Russia keeps pace… China upset! Top Boards Russia 3½-½ Cuba Germany 1 3½-½ Malaysia Georgia 2½-1½ Ukraine China 1½-2½ Norway Netherlands 2-2 Azerbaijan Armenia 4-0 Faroe Islands Tajikistan 1-3 Spain India 3½-½ El Salvador Japan 1-3 Romania England 4-0 Malta Pregame Analysis: Here is where the rubber meets the road.…

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