Day: November 14, 2008

  • 2008 Chess Olympiad: Round #2

    Top nations holding… USA nicked for draw by Greece Top Boards Poland 1½-2½ Russia Ukraine 2½-1½ Serbia Belarus 1-3 China Azerbaijan 3-1 Slovakia Moldova 1-3 Armenia Pregame Analysis: Due to some problems in the team pairing the round started late, but the matches are beginning to heat up. While the…

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  • 2008 Chess Olympiad: Round #1

    Drama in Dresden… upsets begin! Top Boards Russia 2½-1½ Switzerland Vietnam 1½-2½ Ukraine China 2½-1½ Philippines Azerbaijan 4-0 Macedonia Hungary 2-2 Iran Pregame Analysis: There are some very interesting match-ups in the first round of the 2008 Olympiad. In the past, a 4-0 result was typical of the Swiss format…

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