WCC 2008: Anand escapes, holds +3

Anand and Kramnik pawn off. Photo by Frederic Friedel/ChessBase.

Viswanathan Anand and Vladimir Kramnik pawn off.
Photo by Frederic Friedel (ChessBase).

“I thought I was lost,” stated Viswanathan Anand during the press conference of the World Chess Championship in Bonn, Germany. Indeed. Fans near and far thought this was Vladimir Kramnik’s chance to close the gap. There are a lot of questions being asked about Team Kramnik, but perhaps a win could soften the angst. It was not to be.

The game entered yet another sharp game with the anti-Moscow variation of the Queen’s Gambit. White sacrifices a pawn for central control, active pieces and chances against the black king.

Game: https://www.thechessdrum.net/blog/2008/10/11/2008-wcc-anand-kramnik/#comment-10045

Drum Coverage:

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