FoidosTV unveils chess innovation!

Tournament coverage has changed quite a bit over the years. Only 20 years ago, players had to rely heavily on magazines for the diet of chess news, but often information was dated. In the age of Internet, games can be played or viewed in real time adding an exciting dimension to chess coverage. Companies such as the ICC/Chess.FM, Monroi has all contributed to the delivery of chess content. However, a new and exciting chess innovation has been unveiled.

Foidos TV has created a new presentation system for viewing chess tournaments in real time. It has launched this effort at the World Chess Championship match between defending World Champion Viswanathan Anand and Vladimir Kramnik. Foidos has five video streams in multiple languages along with interviews, commentary and a chat facility. These features make the action much more interactive and easily tailored to the user’s liking. Albert Vasse demonstrates the new Foidos system.

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  1. I’m watching the Foidos TV presentation. Seirawan is discussing the game after 15.Ne1. He was questioning the move and predicting 15.Ng5!? after white has attacking chances. Good stuff!

    It appears as if this system has great potential.

    Here is a screenshot.

    You see several windows opened. The screen on the right is the camera on the stage with feeds of Anand and Kramnik with live moves. You’ll notice the Shredder engine running below that window. You will see the Seirawan window open with an analysis board. There is no video, but I can hear his commentary in English with other GMs… I think Miguel Illescas. There is also a board analysis going on in the bottom right in German. In the middle you have another board shot. Seirawan is asking for questions from subscribers. It’s an interesting format!

    Here is a teaser.

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