Chess Crackers (September/October 2008)

More crackers to snack on! This month’s edition bring more excitement on the 64 squares. IM Emory Tate makes his usual contribution with a nice shot. Pontus Carlsson unfurls his fire-breathing Dragon to bring fire on the board. Cameo appearances by Jimmy Canty and Glenn Umstead round out the collection.

IM Emory Tate – IM Yury Lapshun
2008 World Open
White to Move (after 11…dxe5)

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  1. In the canty game, 23. Rxe7 seems to lead to a more complicated position after 23. …Bxf2 with the idea of 24.Kxf2 Qxe7 25. Qc8 Rd8.
    I am a bit rusty but what do you think?

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