Jamaica hosts Harold Chan Open

Jamaica will host its annual Hale Chan Open in honor of one of the federation’s first members. The tournament, formerly called the Summer Open, was renamed in 2003 in honour of Dr. Harold Chan who was one of the first three individuals to earn the National Master title in 1975. Chan also won the Jamaica National Chess Championship titles from 1972-74, and 1978-79.

2008 Hale Chan Open


  1. Daaim,

    It is actually the “Harold Chan Open”, formerly the Summer Open, but renamed in honour of the Guyanese-born, now retired, medical practitioner who, along with Bob Wheeler and the late Thomas Figeroa became Jamaica’s first-ever national masters in 1975. Several yars ago Dr. Chan told me that his favourtie player was Alekhine. This past weekend NM Geoffrey Byfield successfully defended the title he won in 2007 by notching 5.5/6 with Ras NM Malaku Lorne second on 4.5/6. Yours truly was third on tiebreaks with 4/6, the same no. of points as SNM (Super National Master!) Duane Rowe, NM Russel Porter, and the auspicious juniors Zachary Ramsay and Valence Jordan. A full report will be circulated soon.

  2. Yep… Hale Chan is a player here in the states. 😳

    What’s the SNM? Here in the states we have “Senior Master” when you’re rated over 2400. You’d better make that title hard to get! 🙂


    NM Geoffrey Byfield (r) accepts the Harold Chan Trophy from Jamaica Chess Federation Executive member Michael Ramsay.

    Two-time defending champion National Master Geoffrey Byfield, walked away with top honours for third straight year at the end of the 2008 staging of the Harold Chan Chess Open, held at the Campion College Auditorium last weekend. Byfield topped the Open section with 5.5 points from 6 games, after securing a final round draw against National Master Malaku Lorne.

    Second place went to Lorne who finished on 4.5 points, while third was shared amongst five players who each scored 4 points, they include Jamaica Chess Federation President Ian Wilkinson, Super National Master Duane Rowe, National Master Russel Porter, Valence Jordan and Zachary Ramsay. The top female player prize went to Annesha Smith, best junior to Zachary Ramsay and the best rural player was Valence Jordan.

    The section for players rated under1600 was won by Calabar’s Ramone Graham, who scored 5.5 points to take top honours. Two unrated players, Roggae Lewis and Dominic Gordon tied for second place with five points each.

    The best under 10 and under 12 awards were won by Douglas Byfield, the under 14 prize went to Timothy Henry, while the best new player award went to Dominic Gordon.

    The tournament was sponsored by All Island Gypsum Distributors Limited.

    Below are the complete list of prize winners, a few pics and the standings for each section.

    The next event on the Jamaica Chess Federation calendar is the National Blitz Chess Championships scheduled to begin at the RBTT Bank Head Office on Dominica Drive in New Kingston this Saturday September 27, 2008 at 9 am. The next Open tournament is the Jamaica Open scheduled for the Heroes Day weekend in October.


    1st – NM Geoffrey Byfield 5½/6

    2nd – NM Malaku Lorne 5/6

    3rd – Ian Wilkinson 4/6 (tiebreak)

    4th – 7th SNM Duane Rowe, NM Russel Porter, Valence Jordan, Zachary Ramsay 4/6

    AMATEUR SECTION (under 1600 rating):

    1st – Ramone Graham 5½/6

    2nd – Roggae Lewis 5/6 (tiebreak)

    3rd – Domonick Gordon (5/6)


    Best Under 10

    1st – Douglas Byfield 3½/6

    2nd – Sheanel Gardner 3/6

    3rd – David Byfield 3/6

    Best Under 12

    1st – Douglas Byfield 3½/6

    2nd – Akeem Campbell 3/6

    3rd – Sheanel Gardner 3/6

    Best Under 14

    1st – Timothy Henry 3½/6

    2nd – Douglas Byfield 3½/6

    3rd – Marq-Brandon Pitter 3½/6

    Best female player

    1st – Annesha Smith 2½/6

    2nd – Margoe Williams 2/6

    3rd – Peta-gaye Reid 2/6

    Best Junior

    1st – Zachary Ramsay 4/6

    2nd – Jared Lewis 3½/6

    3rd – Laurence Davey 3/6

    Best new player

    1st – Roggae Lewis 5/6

    2nd – Domonick Gordon 5/6

    3rd – Andrew Ellis 4½/ 6

    Best rural player – Valence Jordan 4/6

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