Day: August 14, 2008

  • E. St. Louis Sr. Chess – 1978

    Craig Preston highlighted in the E. St. Louis Senior Chess Club photo. There is a lot of hidden history in chess. Many stories often go untold because no one sees the importance of documenting obscure events. Recently, I was surfing the web looking for information on NM Howard Daniels and…

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  • Kayin Barclay joins Drum Majors!

    Chicago’s Kayin Barclay has been chasing the U.S. National Master’s title for the past couple of years. During the 13th FIDE Invitational, he had a strong score and eclipsed the magical 2200 barrier. Now at 2205, the 18-year old will enter Morehouse College and will be able to add yet…

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  • Rowe takes Jamaican Independence Open!

    Jamaica’s first Super National Master (SNM) Duane Rowe won the second staging of the Independence Chess Open, which was held at the Rooms on the Beach Hotel in Ocho Rios from August 2 – 3. Rowe took the main event after scoring 5 points from 6 games, while second place…

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