Day: July 15, 2008

  • RZA seeks 30-second chess rap!

    The RZA of the Wu Tang Clan has issued a “Rap Challenge” to rappers worldwide to produce a 30-second rap on chess. He also makes a quick pitch for which launched on June 2nd. The Wu Tang Clan has just ended a successful concert tour and will no doubt…

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  • Tactics Laboratory #12

    I was looking through my game database and found a casual game I played long ago. The game took place in Chicago’s Hyde Park at an outdoor meeting spot called “Harper Square.” Chess players were later banned. My opponent had just played 27. Ne3-g4. Chicago’s Hyde Park, 1989 (Hyde Park…

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  • 2008 World Open Information Center

    Following is a selection of World Open resources. For games, you can go to or use the PGN file below. If you have any other sources that may be useful, please post here. Next year’s World Open will return to the Sheraton. Be there! The Chess Drum (Daaim Shabazz)…

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