Angelo Young’s Touch Move Center a hit!

Touch Move Chess Center, 5639 N. Ashland

IM Angelo Young is one of the strong Filipino Masters who have made an impact on the chess landscape of America. Many may know of Young’s prowess in blitz, but others now know Young as a successful proprietor of the Touch Move Chess Center located on North Ashland in Chicago. It is a relatively small storefront club decorated with chess memorabilia, articles and crosstables from previous tournaments.

Frank Johnson, John Porter and I visited the club on May 19th during the 11th North American FIDE Invitational tournament. The tournament featured IMs Emory Tate, Mark Ginsburg, and Mehmet Pasalic. Six other masters are vying for IM norms and there is live game coverage at

IM Emory Tate vs. FM Thomas Bartell

IM Emory Tate vs. FM Thomas Bartell
Photo by Daaim Shabazz.

I had a chance to chat with the Filipino Master and he talked about the experience reflectively. After our chat, I asked him if he would submit to an interview and he agreed.

Listen to the interview!


  1. Thanks to Angelo Young chess is alive and kicking in the Chicago area, the tournament scene is getting more and more visable and chess is on the come back in Chicago thanks in part to the “touch Move Chess Club” in chicago!

    I might come out of retirement myself 💡

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